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Holiday Hours

Order by Sunday 5pm, get them on Tuesday.  Order by Wednesday 5pm, get them on Friday. 

If you place an order for a future date, please let us know by sending us an email:  info@gemarosolutions.com

Please ensure you received our email confirmation for your  special request.  We do not hold fulfillment more than 2 weeks.

Extended Store Hours before X'mas

11am - 3pm           21st Dec 2021(Tuesday)

11am - 4pm           22nd Dec 2021 (Wednesday)

11am - 5pm           24th Dec 2021 (Friday)

11am - 2pm           28th Dec 2021 (Tuesday)

11am - 2pm           29th Dec 2021 (Wednesday)

11am - 2pm           31st Dec 2021 (Friday)


Bakery will be closed for after the Holidays from 1st Jan - 5th Jan 2022

No Delivery or Pick up on 4th & 5th Jan 2021.  Orders placed after 30th Dec 2021 will be ready on 7th Jan 2022