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LAST ORDER 20th Dec 2020 by 5p(Sunday) 

Webstore will be closed after 5pm

LAST DELIVERY DATE 22nd Dec 2020 (Tuesday)

Special store pick up only date 23rd Dec 2020 (Wednesday 11am - 3pm) 

Bakery will be closed for the Holidays from                  24th - 26th Dec 2020 

No Delivery or Pick Up on 25th Dec 2020 (Friday)

Our Last Delivery or Pick up this year on                 29th Dec 2020 (Tuesday)

We will be taking our winter break from

30th Dec 2020 till 5th Jan 2021

No Delivery or Pick up on 1st & 5th Jan 2021 

Thank you for your continued support!

Wishing all a happy & safe Holiday