Mushroom Ragu with Brown Rice (Frozen)
Gemaro Bakery

Mushroom Ragu with Brown Rice (Frozen)

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Mushroom stock: 

(Filtered water, onions, celery, shiitake, Portobello mushroom, dried porcini)

Portobello, Onions, celery root, tomato paste, celery, carrots, rice flour, shiitake, dried porcini, canola oil, truffle oil(olive oil natural truffle flavour)sea salt, black pepper, parsley flake, agar, bay leaf

Brown Rice, Water & Sea Salt

Reheat:  Remove plastic wrap & cover, 350F - 375 from frozen or semi-frozen, 35 - 45mins. Adjust cooking time according to your oven model. Inside temperature should reach 74 degrees C.


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